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Our mission is to make grooming as stress-free and happy an experience as possible for the pet, the owner, and the groomer. We will not, under any circumstances, cause pain to your pet. If your pet's coat is matted and it can't be humanely brushed out, it will be scissored, clipped or shaved. We will always contact you for permission before doing this. Removing mats in this way may affect the quality of the finished work. Ask us how to care for your pet's coat in between visits, or bring him to see us more often.

If your pet is nervous, aging, sensitive, etc, we may elect to stop and bring your pet back for a second visit. We will not rush the process; time, patience and understanding are essential to building a positive relationship and experience with your pet.

If your pet has health issues such as arthritis or hip dysplasia, we will not force him to stand for long periods. Grooming dogs while they are lying down can affect the quality of the finished work.

The Grooming Process:

We tailor grooming to the individual needs of the pet and the owner`s requests. Using specialized tools, equipment and products, we can address any and all grooming issues.

Routine grooming helps keep your pet happy and healthy. Often, recurring problems such as infections, sores, hot spots, impacted glands can be identified, minimized or prevented with regular grooming.

Our grooming process always includes:

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Code of Ethics

Promote a professional reputation for the pet care industry by striving for excellence in our services.

Conduct all business in an honorable and fair manner.

Achieve 100% client satisfaction.

Provide a great place to work for our staff.

Ensure that the highest level of humane, gentle pet care is provided to every pet.