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Which breeds should be groomed?

All pets benefit from regular grooming. Short coated breeds may not require the trimming that long haired breeds do, but reap the same health benefits. Talk to your groomer about a grooming routine for your dog at the spa and at home to keep your pet in tip-top shape.

How often should my pet be groomed?

In general, every 4-12 weeks. Once we've groomed your pet for the first time, we can recommend a schedule. Pets that are active outdoors and pick up dirt, twigs, pine needles or sap in their coats will need to be groomed more frequently.

What about grooming in the winter?

A common misconception is that pets don't need as much grooming in the winter as the rest of the year. In fact, they should be groomed more frequently! As their hair grows longer, as they are exposed to more moisture (snow) and especially if a sweater is used, matting becomes a problem. The only solution to matting is to keep their hair short, or brush & bathe them frequently.

What can I do to maintain my pet's coat at home?

Depending on your dog's coat, we recommend using a stainless steel comb or an undercoat rake to brush your dog. Pay special attention to those problem areas, such as under/behind ears, belly and under the legs. Never bathe a matted dog, it just makes mats worse.

What makes Happy Pet Spa different?

We love animals! We are committed to making your pet feel as comfortable as possible by taking the time to get to know your pet and work on problem areas with a gentle approach.

We treat all of our clients with affection and respect, and if they are stressed, we do not rush them through the process.

We don't use cages or kennels in the process, dogs that are in between grooming steps or awaiting pickup get to play and have fun with the other dogs in our care. Cats and small animals can await pickup in a separate room, in their own carrier.

We never use shortcuts or compromise on the grooming process. If a pet is stressed, we will send them home and bring them back a different day to finish. Your pet will always receive the very best in quality and care.

We will recommend solutions to address common grooming problems and set up a schedule that works for your desired level of maintenance and budget.

We also give tons of praise and positive reinforcement.

What should I do during my appointment?

We will contact you when your pet is ready for pickup. Please do not arrive at the spa unless we've let you know that your pet is done. If your pet sees or hears you, it will be more difficult for us to complete the groom.

What vaccinations should my dog have?

Your pet must be completely up-to-date on their shots - DHPPV and Rabies are essential. Proof of vaccination is required.

Additionally, we recommend that they be treated for Bordetella (aka kennel cough) with an intranasal vaccine; and lice, ticks and fleas with a topical application of Advantix or Revolution.

Please note that vaccination for kennel cough is not a 100% guarantee that your pet will not contract the virus (just like human flu, you can be vaccinated but you can still catch it due to the different strains in the environment).